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Light and Truth Ministries was founded in March 1997 when Bible Teacher and Author, Everest John Alexander received the Call of God to enter full-time ministry after 8 years of faithful service at his home church.

He began a weekly Bible Study with his wife and two kids, teaching them the word of God at their home in Belmont, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

From those humble beginnings the ministry grew into a small church which he and his wife pastored for 4 years before migrating to the USA in 2001.

After migrating to the USA he subsequently took his Teaching Ministry online where he now disseminates the word of God globally via, multiple media formats.



The purpose of Light and Truth Ministries is enshrined in it's three fundamental aspects:

1) The Foundational Philosophy

2) The Current Mission

3) The Future Vision

The Philosophy, Mission and Vision of the Ministry are each separately outlined below.


The cornerstone philosophy of Light and Truth Ministries is that, all Religions are man-made, infused with the frailties of men and therefore doomed to fail as a means of eternal salvation.

True Bible Christianity is NOT a Religion... it never was and never will be.

Real Christianity is the restoration of the Kingdom of God on planet earth established through a blood covenant ratified by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There is a false form of this christianity popularized by the Roman Catholic Organization which is indeed a religion practiced by millions worldwide.

This religion is christian in name only, it is based on salvation by works, has married the world and is devoid of any real spiritual power.

It is a dangerous deception, duping the ignorant into a false sense of security while guaranteeing an eternity in hell if they do not recover themselves through a correct understanding of justification by faith and repentance toward God.


The Mission of Light and Truth Ministries is to "Feed the Nations with the Word of God."

This incorporates the preaching of Christ's Gospel to the Unsaved and teaching the principles of God's Word to the Saved. 

This preaching and teaching would be done publicly or privately, via, Face-to-face encounters or Corporate Sponsored Meetings, utilising various media such as: Video, Audio, Literature and Graphics, either Real-world or Online, using Hard Copy or Digital, by any legitimate means necessary.


The Vision of Light and Truth Ministries is to thoroughly train Christians from the Bible, equipping them with the spiritual, mental and physical tools necessary to engage and dispossess the enemy every where.

Preparing them to competently and positively impact their communities for the glory and kingdom of God by their spiritually revolutionary lifestyles.

The end being the transformation of the culture of this world to resemble the culture of Heaven, in so doing, fulfil Jesus' great commission and occupy this world until He comes.


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